Two thoughts

I was thinking of the Orthodox priests in Ukraine who stood between the police and the protesters holding their blessing crosses. I the US they would have been sprayed in the face with mace or pepper spay by the police claiming the blessing crosses were a “weapon” and put ” the officers lives in danger”!

Second item. No I am not wonkie but the other day, and no I was not intoxicated, I saw the most strange happening. I guess you could call it mystical certainly not easily explainable! As I looked outside of one the windows in our flat at a strand of river cane I saw the leaves move. I looked closely and there were no squirrels playing in the cane nor birds nor anything else. The leaves moved again in a definite pattern which by the way was not the result of wind becuase the wind was dead calm. It was if some “unseen hand” was moving the leaves almost pulling them and then wrapping them together. A second or two would pass and this would repeat again with no wind and no birds or animals as the cause. This scene continued to repeat itself for what seemed 3 or 4 minutes and then abruptly stopped.

How little we understand how interconnected we are with a Reality that is so much more than our vain philosophies and heretical theologies even our infant science can see let alone explain. Praise be to God.

Rev Andrew Gentry


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