A story about Philosophy

There is an old story about a mad monk who was nuttier than a fruit cake as the telling would have it. Everyone in the monastery and the surrounding countryside knew him and some gave him a great deal of space when they encountered him whilst others would often engage him in questions and even debate. Finally one day the Provisional Superior of this Order came and after dinner with the abbot and the other brothers including the mad monk the Superior called the abbot aside and asked him “what makes this monk so mad”. The old abbot who was known for his kindness and the guardianship of his speech surprised the Superior and most especially the brothers with his response. “Well said the abbot several years ago he took a study of Thomism followed by a Course in Miracles then he plunged into Classical Greek and Roman philosophy followed by Armstrong and Crossan and lastly he studied scientific methodology and “Follow Your Bliss” by Campbell and as they say the rest is history” “But, said the Superior, why did that cause him to become as he is?” Again the abbot sighed with the reply “Your Grace how long can you stare at a cup of wine waiting for an explanation and even more for an affirmation that it is indeed wine?!” The Superior asked “who was he waiting on to hear such an explanation and affirmation?”! The abbot smiled kindly as he pointed to first the cup and then to its contents!

Rev Andrew Gentry

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