I think there is justice which is karma and it is the first level. It can be immediate or after some time has passed. Then there is justice tempered with mercy which is the second level, and finally there is pardon and wholeness which is redemption and that is the third and complete karma. But in each case, time, which is a human construct and linear in its understanding grasps karma in this content yet karma is not bound by it.
I cannot explain evil but human history and our own personal experiences are often and certainly replete with it and yet even in the midst of injustice, and life for most people in the world is brutally unjust, there is good, there is love despite hate, healing despite pain, freedom despite oppression. I am often reminded of two sayings “this too shall pass away” and “all is well and all will be well”. Life is music and circumstance, events, relationships, whatever plays the tune and what we ultimately write on the score.


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