Comment on the C of E decision

Poor Archbishop Justin of Canterbury who succeeded the even more absolutely wonkie Archbishop Rowan is trying to keep the conservatives happy and in the C of E and at the same time try and not drive the moderates and liberals away. The conservatives throughout the Anglican Communion have adopted the very unAnglican heresy of “Sola Scriptura” as THE and their litmus test of orthodoxy as this heresy defines it for them! The neo-deists and cultural relativists on the left that have control of the Episcopal Church in the US led by such unitarian celebs as Jack Spong and the CEO of the Church Kattie Jeffry Schori have so completely removed the legitimate argument that the Gospel itself along with the patristic theology of the church rightly understood requires inclusivity and most importantly the Incarnate God Christ Jesus teaches and wills that His Church preach and practice inclusivity that there is little wonder why like the multitudes over which Jesus wept Anglicans often wonder if they are fish or fowl! As a believer in the Lordship of Jesus Christ as taught and affirmed in the Nicene Creed, the authority of the Scriptures as defined by the Body of Christ His Church, The Holy Trinity and the ever new ancient Catholic Faith most beautifully expressed in “the Via Media” I would remind the Right Honourable and Most Reverend Lord Archbishop it is time to follow Jesus and not those who confuse orthodoxy with stagnation and hold to the myth that revelation ceased with Pentecost!


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