“prayer warrior?!”

OK what idiot came up with the term “prayer warrior”?! I mean is this some kind of an American “evangelical John Wayne” striking the enemies of God hip and thigh with a jaw bone of an ass!? And PLEASE do not do an injustice to Ephesians by claiming it as your “justification”!
I was thinking today if I were Evil, I mean the Enemy referred to in Sacred Writ, and I realized that Good, or in other words Jesus, had a chance of becoming the predominate Presence in the world and indeed the Cosmos what would be my most effective way to counter Good? Then it occurred to me I would start a religion and if religion did not prove effective enough I would start a political party and if that did not measure up to my intentions I would start a new science and assuredly I would render Good fairly impotent! Whether it is religion or politics or even “science” Evil has so many avenues to pervert Truth and to deny Good the Divine Theater so no one should be surprised that religion or politics or science sucks! But in the End of the Great Circle Good will triumph and transform and Evil will be destroyed. For followers of Jesus that is what began on Pascha!


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