The Three Days

These “Three Days” than ended Time and changed the Cosmos for ever, the three High Holy Days, have so much to teach us that we will never learn all of that on this side of the River! But if we can learn three of the lessons we will have learn much and those lessons are these. We cannot exist without community, that is the “I” cannot ever be fully realized without the “we” nor the “we” without the “I”. Unless we all eat at the Holy Table we are having a MacDonald’s Value Meal instead and the celebrant is just a store manager! The second lesson is that if we speak the truth to power, if we challenge the bigotry of the religious establishment, if we give aid and comfort to the stranger, and to the hungry, and the naked, and the imprisoned, and the elderly, and the lonely, and the adolescent, and
the outcast, if we forgive and bless our enemies, if we embrace all, if we remain faithful to the essentials, if we above all things, love, we will be crucified without mercy and mocked for our faithfulness. We will be buried and forgotten by most especially those that hated us. The third lesson is that becuase of a Person who is named Jesus who is crucified for and with us, whom God raised from the dead, so shall we be raised whether in this life or the next! Rev Andrew Gentry


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