A Response to an “evangelical”

The response in the right wing media to the President’s Easter Prayer Breakfast has been vicious, cynical, and hate filled. Bishop Gene Robinson has in particular been pointed out as one of their favourite targets! This is from a site called “Juicy Ecumenism…Institute of Religion and Democracy” which is an “evangelical” anti Obama site. In other words a hate speech source that robes itself in a false intellectual “conservatism”! LOL

“Absolutely! Gene denies basic Christian doctrine, therefore he is not a Christian in the classical, orthodox sense, although I wouldn’t necessarily say he crosses over into the blatant heretic category of John Spong. I am reminded of Gene’s “I said the Creeds with my fingers crossed” comment, in particular”
Rev Andrew Gerales Gentry says:
April 18, 2014 at 5:27 pm

Sam’s comments remind me of the Pharisees charge that Jesus denied the basic tenets of the Torah and violated them by amongst other things talking to racially mixed women like the Samaritan woman, eating and drinking with sinners, healing non believer’s beloved servant, healing on the Sabbath which by the way Sam I am sure you do not observe but rather Sunday which is NOT the Hebrew Sabbath that Jesus did in fact observe, and even going so far as to contradict the teaching on divorce so sometimes in our smugness and poorly disguised hatred of someone we best be careful of hurling pontifical like condemnations of people!


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