Comment on the Law Suit in N C

I know your minister who is a party to this suit and I commend him for it but it is important to remember that long before it was “safe” to be in favor of marriage equality for clergy of the “mainline” churches there were many of us who were in independent Catholic communities and Anglican as well who were witnessing same gender weddings. I remember here in Asheville when priests and pastors would witness gay marriages in secret or even go out of town to perform the blessings on same gender couples. Those of us who openly and proudly witnessed and blessed in God’s Name those who sought such blessing were considered “nutcases”, “frauds”, and “charlatans” by the very clergy who are now “standing for equality”! If you ask what I mean by “safe” well when congregation and denomination stand with you you pay no price for your witness. Again I commend those who initiated this suit but it is long overdue and it is based on many who did pay a price! Rev Andrew R Gerales Gentry


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