The Obscenity of Marriage

“The Obscenity of Marriage”

Now that I have your attention I am referring to the inordinate and at times immoral amount of money that is spent for weddings in the US. I saw a programme today on the great wasteland that is American TV that proudly listed over 300 thousand dollars spent on a wedding. Items such as 18 thousand plus for high performance automobiles (2 of them) for the happy couple to drive during the honeymoon, 14 thousand plus for rose petals and rose chandeliers for the reception are but a few of the extravagant costs of ego indulgence but the worst perhaps was the wedding gown which was well over 45 thousand! Such an orgy of expense had to have a whole bevy of “designers” who were the embodiment of every stereotypical, repulsive, and arrogant gay male snobs every assembled in one spot!
I know this absurdity is not your run of the mill wedding, thank God, but the amount of money that is spent and the industry that has been created to perpetuate such excess is very alive and well. I have told couples and in so doing infuriated some brides and a few grooms that a wedding is NOT a coronation of prince and princess but rather it is a Sacrament of the Chruch and unless they were claiming to be either a head of state or heirs to such a title the simpler the better. In one which I have always thought was the simplest and most dignified the couple and the best man and maid of honour along with all the rest of the wedding party wore albs. The best man was the crucifer. The sacramental nature of the wedding was emphasized and celebrated and so was the proper theology that it was the two who married each other not me, I was only the witness and the one who blessed their union in the Name of God and his Church!
Also I made it clear before hand and continue to do so that if a couple wants the blessing of the Church then they must make a commitment to a community of faith. I am not a prop for wedding ceremony and the service is not a stage production…if you want that get a justice of the peace!


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