As I read the Gospels I find that Jesus is NOT respectful of the religious establishment, nor is he of the money interests who serve and pervert that establishment and in fact he reserves his harshest condemnation for it and for later generations who will claim to follow him who do not feed the hungry, clothe the naked, relieve the suffering of the sick, visit the prisoner and defend the immigrant, oh what is today called the Tea Party Republican “evangelicals”! He DOES respect the “sinner” the Roman centurion, the Samaritan woman, the wine bibber and the drunkard, and yes the prostitute! When I hear the mantra “love the sinner hate the sin” I find that to be classic BS! Only God is really capable of distinguishing the two and the “conservative” who claims religion for his or her conservatism and exclusionary “prosperity theology” is deceived.
You are absolutely correct that discerning the difference between prophetic witness and judgmental pontification is not always easy to determine. But I think if you use the standard of what conditions and sorts a position produces, the fruits so to speak, will guide you to be open to the Truth and to speak it thus especially to power.


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