67th Anniversary

God willing,tomorrow is the 67 anniversary of my nativity. I hope to do a wee bit of celebrating today with John later at OHenry’s in so much as I was in the process by this time 67 years ago of preparing for my first coming out affair!
Poor Mum, from what I am told by her no less, had the most difficult labour with me than any other of her children and was
pronounced by the family doctor who delivered me at home” a rounder this one will be”. A rounder I have been without apologies but with some regrets particularly for the pain I know I caused my Momma.
My best birthday present is having John as my best friend and companion for over a quarter of a century. No matter how many times I see his wonderful face it is like the first time and always brings joy to my soul.
A few boring facts about yours truly. I knew I was gay when I was 10 years old. I began puberty at that age so I know what turned me on and did not. My first love as a teenager was my neighbor who to this day I continue to love and he knows it. I was British-American and Anglican Catholic before I really appreciated what those terms meant and later proudly discovered my Latino heritage. I joined the Mattachine Society when I was 18 which was the First Gay Rights organization in the US long before Stonewall!
I am unabashedly a Christian Democratic Socialist Monarchist who loves and admires HM Queen Elizabeth II. I am a “progressive Traditionalist” theologically. I am a published poet, an essayist, a deacon, a presbyter, a retired bishop in the Reformed Tradition and renegade in hopefully the loving sense of the word. I have worked as a special police officer, a bagger, a community organizer, ran for political office, witnessed same gender weddings before anyone else here, aided and abetted a frightened kid get to Canada, put on Nixon’s “enemies list” so I am told, and formerly one of the best whores in Atlanta!
I am a pilgrim in the Celtic Christian Tradition and a stranger in a strange land! Love to you all.
Before I forget it if you know of anyone who has a stationary exercise bike for a good price let me know. Doc says I need to start a exercise programme! Again love you all. Andrew Reginald Charles Gerales Gentry otherwise known as “Bear”


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