A wee bit of advice to UMC

To all my UMC friends if I may be so arrogant as to give some advice:
It is rumored that a movement is afoot in your Church disguised as a defense and affirmation of Christian “orthodoxy” and Wesleyan principles to facilitate and where necessary to force a departure of individuals or associations of individuals and or congregations from the United Methodist Church. This departure would, according to those so inclined, create a truly “Biblical Methodism” free from any taint of “modern and or revisionist socialist theology”!
My advice is let them go in peace and let them keep all their money and property including what they have paid into the pension funds. If you do not you are saying to an already justifiably skeptical world that when it comes down to it, the “bottom line” is what matters to your church rather than faithfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Episcopal Church,under the direction of its CEO and PB, which is truly the most misguided leadership it has had in a century or more, has now spent over 44 MILLION dollars trying to keep what has never been their national church’s treasure in the first place, and in the process making it quite clear to the same skeptical world that it is not fidelity or witness that is important but the monies and investments that determines how “Christians love one another”!
Consider for a moment if you were asked to decide what mattered most to a church, money or principle, and you were given two examples which would strongly indicate if not prove what was of the greatest importance and those examples were: Church Number 1 and those who followed it lost all their pension funds, buildings, resources, properties and investments for the sake of their convictions or Chruch Number 2 that spent millions and millions of dollars in never ending law suits to deny what others had purchased with their own money and sacrifices, refused to even allow those who chose to leave to buy back these proprieties which they had held in the first place and just to punish those who had left its fellowship sold many of these properties to other religions that had nothing in common with any church! So yes let them depart in peace and leave their future like your own in the Hands of God!


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