Finding out someone used your poem

I just found on the site “The Revelation Project” that said site honoured me by using my poem I wrote after the tsunami.

A Poem for Japan
The earthquake came and the water rushed in and the world was turned upside down,
Time circled once again and life seemed to end but in the shadows of death I see a flicker that time will come again, but
How shall it come and whence cometh it and who shall know of its coming,
As these old eyes grow dim slowly like an autumn leaf floating down an Aspen hill and my memory is dragged along however unwillingly by the force of such an awesome falling,
I wonder how shall the flash of recognition occur, how shall the veil be lifted, when shall the silence be rent asunder by a shout so loud that the cosmos itself quakes,
Ah in waiting shall we have the answer but in the meantime we are expelled from our comfort like a birth not sought but realized
~Bishop( now just Rev) Andrew Gentry


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