which Jesus do you mean

Had a post from a clergyman who objected to my “offensive remarks” with regards to the godless republicans and their so called “evangelical” allies! Told me “Jesus was not pleased”! So I asked him first “which “Jesus” are you referring to?!” There was no reply. Then I gave him choices to help him identify this Jesus whom he claimed was not pleased. “Are you referring to the Jesus who called the Pharisees, you know the church folke of his day, a bunch of whiten bones and later told the same church folke that whores would be in the kingdom of Heaven before they, the church folke, even got to the gates! Are you referring to the Jesus who told the “evangelicals” of his day that were “accursed of his father”!? Would you possible mean that the Jesus who said “you cannot serve God and wealth”?! Or are you referring to a Jesus who sat down to have cocktails with these same people in order to raise their consciousness and told them he had a book on the subject that was only 19.19 in Roman money and that for a mere 15 roman coins you could access his web page?! Or even more so are you referring to a Jesus who said it didn’t really matter what you believed as long as everyone could just get along? If the answer is the first Jesus then you and I have no argument if you are referring to the second Jesus he did not exist!


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