letter to u s senator

An open letter to U S Senator Kay Hagan:

Dear Senator Hagan,

I know you are dreadfully busy with campaigning and fighting the Koch Brother’s money being dumped along with Duke Power’s coal ash on our beloved State but if you have a moment to respond to a constituent who has voted for you in the past I would deeply appreciate it. Just so you will know I am posting this on Facebook in the hope that if you staff does not pass this letter on to you perhaps others might see it and forward it to you.
I have two simple questions for you. Will you or can you, and if not you, who, explain to me why when a person in this country becomes aged and requires assisted living the government of the United States will allow a senior citizen to become almost absolutely destitute in order to pay for what any morally civilized society would consider a duty to its elderly! Why are you penalized if you have a more than a mere 2000 dollars in the bank? Why Senator? As a Senator you of course will never have to worry about that,
Secondly can you explain why a person drawing less than 6000 dollars a year like the elderly person mentioned above is penalized by being forced to pay for their medicare insurance! How in the name of all that is Holy can you and your fellow senators allow these immoral and unjust penalties to be visited upon the poorest and least represented of your nation’s population!
I await your response Senator Hagan.

The Rev Andrew Gentry


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