Friday is the Fourth and typical of this culture and country the trappings of the holiday are far more important than any substance attached to it or theoretically represented by it! As a country that supposedly will observe this day as the day when it became a sovereign nation state, though that would not occur for many years after the declaration was made, what actually occurs is yet another opportunity to make a profit at the expense of an ever growing number of its citizens. Millions of Americans will work minimum wage jobs on this day that will not cover the basic needs of food clothing and shelter whilst their corporate masters live high on the hog of greed and profit! Millions of the elderly will see every penny they earned used up by corporations that supposedly provide “assisted living” for the “autumn years”. Like the student, women, the immigrant, the prisoner, and the working poor or disappearing middle class there will be no “independence day”! But there will be parades and parties all dressed up in colonial colours and it is these the media will concentrate on and celebrate. Politicians especially godless Republicans will rave on about a constitution they do not respect and a Bill of Rights (based on the Magna Carta) they do not agree to.
The Great American Civil War began in 1776 will continue unabated and unresolved.


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