Before I began to prepare to “fix supper” as folkes said when I was growing up a few things: When I see armed men in uniform beating a handcuffed teenage boy in the face with their fists and then kicking him I am outraged, when I see religious nutcases blowing themselves up in a crowed square full of little children and innocent people as they cry “god is great” I am outraged( by the way any one who murders in the Name of God is an infidel and deserving of hell) when I see a state trooper beating a woman unmercifully whom he has subdued I am outraged( the ultimate insult is that if the woman attempts to protect herself she is charged with assault on an officer rather than the officer being charged with assault!) when I see dogs who are inside their own fenced in yards being shot by cops simply “for bearing its teeth” I am outraged and when I see a group of flag waving redneck racists threatening little
children I am outraged! People who do this be they cop or “defense personnel” or followers of a particular religion are cowards and low lifers that deserve punishment in the here and now and in the here after!


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