A call to the Action

I have an idea and if you think it has a snowball’s chance in Hell pass it on to others especially pastors and preachers, bishops and elders, whatever they called and especially the deacons. If these the churches are familiar with the New Testament they will know why I signaled out the deacons!
Since the US government believes it is OK to warehouse in cold and inhospitable building frighted and hungry children, and more particularly many citizens who think it is perfectly permissible to scream at little children, call upon your church leaders, I mean both local and regional and national, to put their collective ecclesiastical asses, if it is physcially possible for them to do so, between such protestors and children, and in addition to, as a denominational body call upon the government to treat these little ones of God as the refugees they are and to give them sanctuary. Failing this said leaders direct their parishes and church buildings to be designated as shelters!


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