An act that thunders

In a world so full of brutal crap I have had the blessings to see an act of compassion that gives me hope at least a wee bit. Yesterday John and I were waiting in traffic when I noticed a very large man with a beard and dirty clothes holding a sign just beyond the intersection where we were planning to turn left. He was on the other side and had his back to our lane of traffic. As we were waiting I noticed a man come out of the Mexican restaurant which was on the opposite side of the road where the gentleman was standing. He crossed several lanes of heavy traffic to take to the person holding the sign a bag of food. He gave the food to the fellow and then walked back across the road to get in his car and leave. The gentleman was almost dancing as he left the roadside to enjoy his meal! God bless the hungry man and has blessed with grace the man giving the food to see that if we do not feed the stomach of the hungry we cannot feed the heart and or soul of world.

Here is the difference between faith and religion. All the mega churches and so called “TV Ministries”, all the cathedrals and rich parishes, all the conferences on theological activism, all the symposiums on “saving the Bible from Fundamentalism”, all the councils called to save “orthodoxy” are no more than a pile of manure if they do not result in loving one’s neighbor as one’s self. All the shouting and the praising of Jesus is nothing to him but dry hot dust worthy of Gehenna if the immigrant, the poor, the sick, the imprisoned, and the oppressed are not embraced, lifted up, and liberated!

So we have a choice. We can either be members of the CGC otherwise known as the “Church of the Golden Calf” with all its names and fancy dress, American flags and inflated budgets, and its worship of profit and enslavement of person, animals, and planet, or, if call ourselves followers of Jesus belong to His Church where no one is excluded and servanthood is the rule and all Creation honoured.

Rev Andrew Gerales Gentry


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