Before I do down the mountain to see me Mum: there are a great deal of “heresies” young and old currently being very in vogue with folkes from “professional theologians” (whatever that truly is) to persons with no interest other than rejecting and disproving that which they do not like or understand in the first place. I personally am not worried about the Dan Brown wanna bees including many in the clergy and in the seminary for as the great rabbinical teacher Gamaliel advises they will ultimately fail and fade if they are no more than Mr Brown’s fiction wrapped in pseudo-theological constructs. Well the Elder put it somewhat differently but the counsel is the same.
There are two heresies that though probably on their last legs that still raise their erroneous but convenient heads. One is Sola Scriptura, now a favourite of the right wings literalists Anglicans and by the by Very Un-Anglican, and the old standby that has supported unbridled oppression of people from slavery to prisons for profit the truly evil idea called “the Protestant Work Ethic” which in its fullest application says if you find yourself in the most abysmal working conditions you owe it to God to work for your master as if you were working for God! Fortunately especially amongst the younger folkes this is called what it is “Bullshit!”

Rev Andrew Gerales Gentry+


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