As a white person I am woefully ignorant of what Black people go through everyday. I can only attempt to empathize because the black experience is not mine and I think it is frankly insulting to suggest that despite this glaring fact I can nonetheless “understand” what it means to be a member of any minority save one and that is the gay community. But being gay is easily hidden whilst being African American or Native American or Latino or Asian cannot. White people especially white males simply do not have a clue. When your very personhood is never questioned or your integrity or your intelligence or any other aspect of your humanity I am not certain it is possible to comprehend the scope and insidious nature of racism. If we can at the very least begin to be honest about our history as a nation and be truthful about how we have devalued people who are not European American and continue to treat people who are not white we might might make some progress towards a human and just nation. Rev Andrew Gentry


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