Getting rid of religion

Apparently the “religion of peace” folks aka as “ISIS” and their ally Assad have beheaded all the little children they have held in captivity, sold into slavery all the women and young girls, hanged all the Christians and Yazidi that they have captured and tortured, and shot all the young boys and men of these minority communities so now they have turned to the captured journalist as the object of their blood sport. If you have not seen the photo of the soon to be murdered American journalist awaiting his execution don’t look at it. The terror in his eyes is haunting and the evil in the smile of his murderer demonic. These people are soulless!
Here we are in the 21st century and we as a species continue to wage genocide, to commit the most heinous acts of barbarism, poison and pollute the planet, oppress the poor and the worker, treat the elderly and the immigrant as expendable populations and otherwise engage in all manner of exploitation and slavery and yet are content to allow such horrors. The only time we act to in any way stop them is when it cost the comfortable or threatens them!
Sadly the institution of religion has been a very effective tool in carrying out these insane and inhumane acts. This therefore begs the question of how we as supposedly sentient beings should view such an institution. The answer I think is simple. Any religion regardless of its name or its cultural identity that condones either directly or indirectly such evil should be eradicated from the earth or at the very least be rendered impotent by law and education. No theocracy should be accorded the status of nationhood and no religion, particularly those who endorse killings in the name of their god or any deity, should be enforced and or supported by the state. Religions that preach intolerance of others should not be afforded any respect either in the public arena or in the body politic or in law. Rev Andrew Gentry



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