What’s for appropriate for rent?

Let me use a story to illustrate, a story granted that is extreme , but poetic license is helpful sometimes.

“Many years ago a very wealthy man decided to build the largest water closet in the world. He adorned it with all manner of statuary and paintings. The floor was tiled with exquisite blocks in wonderful patterns from entrance to exit. There were windows of superb glass and design. Laboratories were embellished with gold and silver. In the middle of the water closet there was a porcelain throne unparalleled in the world. Needless to say such an edifice attracted what can only be described as followers and soon the WC became a landmark for all manner of folk and activities. One day a very famous celeb decided to have a feast to end all feast and he hired the famous and infamous to cater his table. The porcelain throne sat as it had always sat as the center piece of the room. As time grew near for the bash to end all bashes the list of the honored guests and their companions grew to a sizable number and when the night for the feast arrived the table was set with golden goblets and silver pattens. A band arrived and the wine began to flow. The guest of honor was seen rocking and rolling and a good time was had by all. But as the crowd grew more intoxicated some one at a very inopportune moment shouted “this table is on a commode”! Many maybe even most did not care that they had eaten and drank on a commode because for these very tre cool people nothing was ever “inappropiate”. But for others the use of the WC in general and the porcelain throne in particular was just not the place to have a party.

Can you guess what “venue” the story in a most convuluted way is referring to?

Well here is a clue. Several years ago a very historic and once sacred space became the sight of a celeberty birthday bash because it was said the place was in bad need of money! Sometimes it is just plain inappropiate regardless of the reason.


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