the reinvention of the gestapo

The Gestapo is not dead but simply reinvented! with new uniforms and badges.

In Nazi Germany the police could at any time without any justification or provacation demand “your papers” now the police in the United States can do the same thing!

In Nazi Germany the police could for any reason they determined as correct and justifiable kill you without judge or jury. Now too the police in the U S can do the same thing!

In Nazi Germany all minorities were routinely beaten often to death and jailed for no reasons at all. Again the situation is the same in the United States.

In Nazi Germany a police officer could arrest you without for questioning why you were being harassed, for daring to question the police for any reason, for not moving fast enough after being ordered to move, for taking a police officer’s photo, for carrying a sign of any kind especially one critical of the police, for walking too quickly towards the officer who had stopped you and for absolutely any reason the officer deemed necessary and even when there was by any definition of the phrase “reasonable cause” no such cause! It is EXACTLY THE SAME NOW IN THE UNITED STATES!

When did the restraint of the Miranda Rights disappear and the imposition of “open season” on citizens especially minority citizens become the rule! When you have police officers telling reporters that “if you do not want me to taze you, cuff you, hit you, or arrest you, don’t question me, or talk about the constitution or argue with me or call me bro!” we have a very serious problem in this country! Until our public officials acquire some guts and institute civilian control with enforcement/prosecutorial power the American version of the Gestapo will only worsen.


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