Advice to clergy

Advice to newly ordained or very young and or very dumbly arrogant clergy!
The first and most important lesson you need to learn and know and inwardly digest is that it is Jesus Christ who is The Shepherd NOT you, for you are only a sheep dog!
The second lesson you need to learn if you have not already is that it does not all depend on you whatever the “it” is!
The third lesson is do not take yourself so seriously and do not under any circumstances think more highly of yourself than you should!
Fourth and also very important is be yourself. Don’t be a pompous pious ass, or a “with it” just one of the guys kind of chap because you are by your very calling “countercultural”!
Lastly if you entered the ordained ministry as a professional career choice you do not need to be there. Some churches like ECUSA and PCUSA have tried this approach with disastrous consequences! Remember you may have a Masters of Divinity but you are not a the Divine Master!

Rev Andrew Gentry


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