Compare and contrast

I read a passionate defense based of on cultural and historical context of Mohammed’s approval of and participation in beheadings as well as the Islamic crusades against the Byzantine Empire and the Christina ancient Middle East. The author attempted to compare the Koranic verses with those in the Old Testament which are as blood thirsty as any in the Koran and in so doing prove that Islamic scripture is really not that different than “the Bible”! Well he missed the boat so far as to have missed the river!
Let’s for a moment compare and contrast just a few differences between Jesus and Mohammed in terms of what they did and what they taught.
Mohammed personally participated in numerous beheadings…..Jesus never killed anyone. Mohammed said that the “infidel should be smitten on the neck”……Jesus said “bless your enemies and do good to them…” and even healed the ear of the servant of the High Priest and rebuked his chief disciple Peter with the words “he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword”.Mohammed carried and used a sword…..Jesus did not. Mohammed waged war with those who would not accept him…….Jesus accepted death upon a cross at the hands of the occupiers of his homeland! Mohammed fought many wars…..Jesus only once even displayed anger and that was to drive the Wall Street “bankers” of his day from the centre and symbol of God which was the Temple! So bring on the “cultural/historical relativity” and see when both are weighed in the balance who tips the scales for peace and who for war.


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