the scandalous Jesus

Jesus the most scandalous for you are the very vessel of grace
much is being said of and about You these days
all manner of scholars and carnival barkers have learned opinions of just what and who You are
Some want to make You a brand and one that is in need of a make over
others cannot accept that You are not bound by the century and culture of your birth
I don’t envy You Jesus Son of Mary for little has changed
the ones that you contended with and called a couple of choice names
well they are still very much with us
the ones who would not believe you even when you were raised from the dead
they still don’t
But one thing is for sure
the same folks that were your friends they still are your friends today
and You theirs
all of the queers, the wetbacks, the Samaritans, the women, the hungry, the poor, the trans, the whores, elderly, the abandoned and the lost have got your back
we appreciate you having ours.

Rev Andrew Gentry

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