Atheist “churches”

Atheists are now forming “churches” and there are on some university campuses atheist “chaplains” though it does beg the question why use the language of religion to identify the meetings and leaders.
For some it is just another “feel good” group which serves the purpose of the old fellowship hall! It is Oprah and the Daily Show with a wee bit of a coffee shop book club thrown in for good measure. Frankly it is not that different from much of what passes for “emergent church” the only difference these people find the whole question of being relevant and universal and all the other catch phrases irrelevant! It is the Cathedra of St John the Divine without the Divine or St John even though that may be hard to tell!
The stated purpose for most of these assemblies/clubs is the need to create community for folks of like minded association which sounds a whole lot like “church”! But the line of demarcation and this is something the far left P C people don’t seem to grasp is the association/reason for church is because of and centred in a Person not a philosophical milieu!


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