what the Cardinal just said!

To all you faithful Roman Catholics out there in America and elsewhere who might just be thinking of inviting any of your gay sons or daughters or nieces or nephews or uncles or aunts or brothers or sisters or just plain friends to your next Thanksgiving or Christmas or any other holiday gathering you must not do so according to the number 2 man in the Vatican. Especially if you have children and more especially if those relatives and or friends are in a loving committed relationship and worse by all are actually happy and supportive and affirming of their love for one another so says the Cardinal who is the former Archbishop of St Louis! The good princess of the Roman church says that “exposing” children to such “intrinsic immoral and disordered individuals” could do irreparable harm to the children! Apparently the Vatican must think that “exposing” children to rape and sexual abuse is not near so bad!
So to all you gay Roman Catholic priests and deacons along with all you gay bishops you must decide which is the greater evil for yourselves to remain silent and support such bullshit and bigotry and do so at every Mass you celebrate or assist at , or to actively participate in the persecution and condemnation of your fellow gay Catholics and Christians by preaching and teaching such bigotry! I have no respect left for gay Roman priests and or bishops let alone the institution they protect and promote! This is an abomination!!!!

Rev Andrew R C bGerales Gentry


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