Scam or legitimate

Whilst the floor is drying after mopping same: dropped off another resume and cover letter today. planning next week’s job hunting strategy.

Got a mailing from a group called The Alliance for Retired Americans asking for my support for a bill to strengthen Social Security by signing a petition for Congress but at the bottom there was a request for a ten dollar donation and an additional 3.50 cent processing fee or some such BS. So I called the organisation after looking it up on line and finding that supposedly one exists in Washington and ask why they wanted 10 dollars and or 3.50! The secretary said she would put me in touch with the director of mailings who turned out to be a chap named “Mike”. I asked him the same question and he responded it is for membership fees and I read to him the entire “petition” and said “there is no mention of membership fees”! So he hemmed and hawed and then apologised. I thanked him for his time and told him I was intending on posting this on FB and Tweeter!


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