Love the sinner hate the sin I don’t think so

I had a disagreement philosophically with a FB friend. the gist is this. If you have a “friend” and she or he says “oh I like gay people, some of my closest mates are gay, hell I even served with them in the military but I think that being gay is wrong” how seriously credible do you accept that “friend’s support”? How “awesome” can you really consider such friendship?

My friend who is gay has no apparent issue with this but I do on a fundamentally gut level! For me there is no in between land, no yes but, no “you have your view and I have mine but we can both respect each other” position. I have heard these for years and I have heard them in “the church” longer than I care to remember. the bottom line is at least for me is either you respect and accept me or you don’t and no amount of semantical hoop jumping and word gymnastics changes that one iota.

I was told by one other gay man that I had to respect this person’s position and give them the respect I demand for own “stance”. No I do not nor do I. Bigotry is not worthy of respect no matter how it served or on what platter or by whom!


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