“Modern Scholars”

There is an article in “Raw Story” that says “top scholars say that Jesus did not exist”. If I were lawyer this headline is so full of holes I could make a fortune on it if Jesus were to sue the website! How did they determine what “top” means and who has achieved that illustrious title and that is just for starters.
But for fun let us just consider these considerations ( that has a nice ring to it) if you are a PhD candidate you are writing a book called a dissertation and you must get this book published after its approval by your doctoral committee. the university where you are seeking to obtain this degree is the publishing firm so to speak that will print your book. Now you get the approval then you get the dissertation published. So what is next, well to begin with you must make a living, and to do so you can, as most do, go the academic route and secure a position on a faculty of some university or college. The next step is obtain tenure which in most university settings require additional or in some cases yearly publications in “scholarly journals”. Now keep in mind these submissions must be in your area of expertise and often must add evidence to your original hypothesis defended and laid out in your PhD dissertation which by the way is supposed to be some a newly offered point or perspective on a specific subject. Now if you can add the public domain to your canon of publications then you have really added a good bargaining chip for salary increases and academic reputation.
So what is the best way to do this in the public domain? Any used car salesperson can tell you that and it is as old as the market place. You have to have a hook and for these “learned” scholars the hook is to take a religious figure followed by billions of people and ridiculed by millions of others and pronounce him “mythological” and “non-existent”! Every sophomoric twit looking for justification for his or her “repudiation” of everything mystical and or religious will latch on to it like a leech.
These “modern scholars” amongst them the likes of Borg and Crossan have a vested interest in the hype and spin of ratings and therefore the profit made on their speculations. Give them as much thought as you would bovine flatulence and as wide a space in your room of considerations!


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