A lesson from the past?

Recently there was a very good documentary on Nikita Khrushchev’s visit to the U S during the Eisenhower Administration shown on PBS. During the course of the documentary the story was told, and one that had never been revealed before, of a discussion between the Secret Service and the Chairman’s body guards. Apparently Eisenhower and his aides were very concerned that someone would assassinate Khrushchev whilst he was here and to insure that this did not happen assigned a major effort to protect him. In a meeting the American Secret Service agent in charge of the security detail for the Chairman asked their Soviet counterparts what if, God forbid, someone was successful. The head of the Soviet security detail looked him straight in the eye and with no emotion simply responded “boom!” Meaning of course thermonuclear war!
Maybe the CIA or the SS needs to say this to various national leaders and countries with large jihadist organisations who might be entertaining the idea of an attack on the White House and the President as well as against any city! The UK could do this too along with NATO and then maybe it would get the attention of those whose attention needs to be got!


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