when Jesus was born of Mary he had no place to lay his head. later as he was caressed by his Momma the politics of the day would raise its gory head and little children would be slaughtered in an attempt to kill him. he would along with his family be forced to become an alien an illegal and flee the country of his birth. he would grow to be a man in a violent time, a time of occupation, a time when some people were considered of no more value than a dog and a dog of no more value than dirt even though Jesus would say that his Father knew when a sparrow fell from the sky! Jesus would talk, and that was forbidden, to women even “racially mixed” and therefore “impure” women, he would party with “sinners” you know the kind of people who frequented dives and places where prostitutes both female and male serviced the clientele that often was the “pillars of the church and state”. Jesus would marvel that the greatest act of faith in him was by occupying military officer of the empire that conquered his homeland and an officer whose beloved male servant’s illness was the conduit that expressed such faith. what was Jesus response to the officer who begged for his servant nothing less but to heal him and therefore seal for ever that Jesus loves gay folkes. in him there is no human distinction! it all began with a woman and a birth and animals and the outcast who was and are his friends!


Andrew Gentry+


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