a general post

Political Correctness as thought and word police can be as oppressive as right wing self proclaimed orthodoxy and it produces a brand of liberalism that is no different than the right wing.

My humble advice to anyone seeking discernment with regards to ministry is to remember that by our baptism we all are priests and we all are called by God by name to minister to others and the world and ourselves. Secondly to remember that Jesus Christ is the Shepherd and we are if we are ordained folkes just sheep dogs. Thirdly never trust a theologian who does not pray and receive the Sacrament regularly, and fourthly “The Academy” is fine but faith is more than intellectuality and academics!

All religions are not the same any more than all forms of government are. Some are advanced and modern and some are oppressive and autocratic in teaching and practice.

Abraham had two great religions that came from his descendants and by great I mean religions that are adaptable and open to change in light of science and free thought. Neither of these religions are afraid of pluralism or democratic principles of free speech and diversity.


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