clergy story

Andrew Reginald Gerales Gentry

1 min · Asheville, NC ·

Before I attend to my duties for the day:

I have a number of folkes I consider friends on FB that are members of the clergy. From UMC to Roman Catholic, Anglican and all in between they represent various ages and styles and traditions. So here is a kind of Preparation Day, as the Russians would call it, true story.

Several years ago at the local bastion of fashionable liberalism called All Souls Episcopal, many folkes called it and still do All Swells, there was an associate rector who along with his wife had a very hight opinion of himself. This man who could not carry a tune in a reinforced bread basket had complete confidence in himself, because his wife told him to, and had a certain air of infallibility about him. Well one day it was his turn to preach at the 11:00 Eucharist and preach he did. He went on for some 30 mins or so about how wonderful not only was ECUSA in general but All Souls in particular and he read what was then the politically correct list of minorities that his denomination and parish cared about. But he did not mention the Gay community, and in those days before the gods and goddesses of political correctness held sway, the term applied to most everyone who was not straight. Unbeknownst to the associate there was a professor complete with his Ph.D sitting in the pews. This son of the academy took exception to the clerics failure to mention gay folkes and later that day composed a letter pointing out that omission and sent it to the minister.

Well from his reaction you would have thought that the patriarchy had regained control of ECUSA and cancelled suffrage because he was so insulted that the learned professor had critiqued his homily! I thought it was hilarious because here was a “professional”, not just some off the wall nutter who railed against injustice, but rather someone who the associate rector considered his equal having the unmitigated gaul to take him to task over his sermon’s content! How dare he!!!!

A Presbyterian minister friend of mine had the perfect response when he heard about the row. “What a pompous ass! at least someone was listening enough to actually know what he said!”

This reminds me of clergy who write books and then take to airways and social media to promote them and are easily offended and or threatened by criticism! You know who you are!


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