an Iraqi letter

ab Iraqi letter

I saw a letter that was circulation in Iraq which began in Arabic with these words “In the Name of God the MERCIFUL THE COMPASSIONATE” Keep those words in mind.
Now any letter beginning thus would to most rational people’s ears sound as if this particular deity is a divine being that is in fact “merciful and compassionate”. It is certainly a reasonable assumption to make and one that would to a Western mindset, religious or otherwise, be an affirmation of attributes we genuinely hope a deity would possess in an omnipotent manner.
At least two of the great religions of the world when all is said and done preach and teach that the Divinity which, according to their basic beliefs, created this universe and the cosmos itself is a Being of Absolute LOVE and you cannot be loving if you are not “merciful and compassionate”…again if you are rational and reasonable person you accept this premise, correct?
So here is the kicker: this letter is anything but an endorsement or or example for such a Divine Being despite the attributes it assigns to its god it purports to serve. This letter instead is a notice circulated to and amongst all Moslem clerics and followers of the price for “commodities”!
The “commodities” the letter refers to our women and children for sale for sexual and other kinds of service because they are either Yazdis or Christian. The young men have either been beheaded or executed in some other way. Christian and Yazdis infants and children under a year old are the cheapest and young girls from the age of puberty on to their 20s are the most expensive.
so much for the opening statement about their god who obviously has NO relationship to the other great religion’s view of a godhead.


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