Redneck waist size and IQ

To be a stupid over fed under read bigoted inbred redneck who votes Republican is something you don’t inherit you choose it and it is something you have to really work hard to continue with what can only be described as terminal lunacy! When your waist size is larger than your IQ you might possible be excused.
When you think ignorance is cute and worse “god fearing” and when you think classical music is something frighteningly similar to a wolf baying to the moon or when you think women are baby machines with breasts you have terminal lunacy.
When you think that Gawd handed Charlton Heston the King James Bible and that it is the Word of God instead of Jesus and that Moses was a founding father of the United States (he may be of Merica but not America) it might be advisable to make out your living will.
Lastly if you worship guns and treat it as a phallic substitute that you cannot be without you are hopeless!


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