I read a very interesting article by an Episcopalian on the upcoming General Convention of his church to be held in Utah. In the article the person articulates the real challenge facing this convention. Essentially the writer expressed the hope that ECUSA would stop being a business/corporation which is not very good at and stop being a mutual admiration feel good society. The final and most telling comment was the suggestion that ECUSA should return to a Person not to a brand!
In other words rather than acting like a car salesperson selling the kind of Jesus you are looking for you know the PC Jesus, the IMMANUELA Jesus for feminists, the REBECCA OF SUNNYBROOK FARM Jesus that is no different than any other religious leader, the QUEER Jesus, or the SHAMAN Jesus how about trying to return to the Jesus as the Incarnate God!
What this is truly all about is what is AUTHENTIC CHRISTIANITY and where do you find it.
Well here is a suggestion: authentic Christianity is Incarnational and Trinitarian and it is lived out in love and full inclusion of all people. The Eucharist is a sacrament not a spiritual MsDs “happy meal. Baptism is not a religious bath event and it IS different than just plain ritual.
IF Christianity is what the likes of Spong and “progressives” such as MarK Sandlin says it is or people like Bishop Shorri who was the most divisive and disastrous PB in ECUSA history or on the other end of the spectrum if it is like what Franklin Graham and other so called evangelicals claim it to be or bigots like Cardinals Burke or Dolyan then I don’t want anything to do with it at all!!!!
BUT I know it is NOT what these carnival barkers claim!!!! Thanks be to God!!!!!


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