Death in Charleston

Once again gun america has struck and the innocent have fallen. Once again the worship of violence and guns will rush to the defense of the gun and will walk with idolatrous pride down the streets and in the public places with assault rifles slung over the shoulders of its adherents. Once again the profiteers of this national american cult will rage against any sensible restrictions or controls. Once again its political servants known as the Republican Party will protect the golden calf and claim the blame lies with perpetrator rather than the merchant of murder who supplied the gun.
There will be no change, no rational discussion, no legitimate legislation passed to answer the deluge of deaths now exceeding the causalities of all the wars this nation has fought, no, the status quo will prevail.
We are a society of egocentric self enthroned consumers of violent media whose appetite has neither boundaries or parameters that has spawned a culture that celebrates toilet humour and humiliation and one whose only god is profit.
When we dismiss the slaughter of little children as unworthy to be answered by action to remove the agents of death i.e. guns why are we ever shocked by any occasion of violence!


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