the new p b

From what I have been told, and I am not an Episcopalian, the CEO otherwise known as “presiding bishop” Schori was elected by only one vote and for only one reason and that was to make “the brand” appear to be more inclusive and contemporary by having a woman any woman qualified or not, theologically challenged or not as the chief executive of the Episcopal Church. One bishop who voted for her is reported to have said that he voted for her because he knew she would be a disaster and finally cause Episcopalians to have make a choice on where they stood and for whom they stood. She certainly did that and more. Less than a year into her primacy she already called herself “the new sheriff in town” and denied the Incarnation. Her greatest achievement has been spending more than 44 MILLION DOLLARS to retain properties and monies that do not belong to the national church and the persistent attempts to bankrupt and punish those who have dared to disagree with her and her partisans. We can only hope that rather than having overpriced consultants trying to formulate how to “re brand” the image of the Episcopal Church we can see at least an attempt made to be faithful to the witness of the Person of Jesus Christ rather than to some metaphysical modern cult guru that Ms Schori represents. Gender is no determiner of correctness or wisdom or calling.


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