I have always suspected that the demon of racism had tried to appear as an “angel of light” but recent and continuing events have proven to me that this evil has not only tried but is still trying to do exactly that. This servant of the Darkness along with his kith and kin of exclusion has been dealt some very serious blows in the body politic and revenge is on the top of his agenda.
The wolf in sheep’s clothing will appear as a preacher of the Word claiming that his howl is sadness at the degradation of America. This vulture will cry his screech in the guise of a constitutionalist and embrace a standard long since dead and in need of rest. His words will be the kindling for the fires of what he will convince many is a noble Cause. Those fires will consume only the structures on sacred ground but will not quench the Spirit.
Be vigilant and let not this Darkness be given a pulpit or a podium and let it shrink in the Face of the Brightness of LOVE and the Candle of LIGHT!


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