To all my fellow White Southerners

To all my fellow white Southerners who have mixed feelings about the battle flag and the “national flag” of the defeated and non existent nation of the Confederacy.

My ancestors on both sides fought in the Confederate Army and in fact two of my paternal ancestors including a great grandfather and his brother, both of whom were in the same SC regiment and company were wounded in Virginia in 1863 and were discharged months later from a Confederate hospital in Richmond. Neither of them owned slaves. On my maternal side there were Confederate officers as well as foot soldiers and cavalry and my direct ancestors did in fact own slaves so I can relate to what many of you are saying. Indeed in my family you said the name “Robert E Lee” with reverence.
What General Lee was saying in his comments after the war was it was time to put the battles and the wounds and the grief to history where they belonged. When the epitome of a white Southern Gentlemen as General LEE was laid to rest he was not buried in his army grey uniform nor did the soldiers who marched in his funeral procession wear their Confederate uniforms.
Lee loved his men and they loved him in return and as our President said at the funeral in Charleston on that very sad day last week, and by the way a statement I think General LEE would fully agree, taking down the flag is not meant as an insult to the valour of the Confederate soldier.
I get emotional on battlefields and when I was a child I was so immature I thought that only applied to “our boys” but later I realised how sad and wrong that was and when I saw the movie “Glory” I wept when the “Massachusetts Coloured Regiment” was cut to pieces in their attack on a Confederate coastal fort!
The great sadness of that stupid war was the notion that an economic system of free market capitalism justified considering people as property and like almost all wars it was overwhelmingly the poor who fought and died in it to insure the rich man could live in the freedom that denied others theirs!


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