celebrate the fourth of July?

We must be the only country that celebrates its birthday by forcing millions of its citizens to work in minimum wage jobs on that day! Funny how the Republicans and the right wing love to talk about patriotism but support retail stores being open on the fourth of July and deny their employees and families this day of all days Independence Day their independence!
We are a nation that was made out of the theft by invasion of land that did not belong to those who invaded it. We murdered and slaughtered the Native Peoples in order to have the land we now call ours. Later we bought and sold human beings from a another continent to work as slaves on that land we stole. Still later we or at least some of us turned against the folkes who first invaded the country for us and replaced them with our own brand of invaders and conquistadors we call venture capitalists. We continued our conquest with such hight sounding phrases as “manifest destiny” and even invaded a sovereign nation to steal even more land for our exploitation. As our history of war and conquest continued we raped the native people, the poor and the immigrant and the land itself for the benefit of the rich and privileged. We wrote noble sounding documents only to insist that these documents applied only to white people and when the court we installed said to the contrary we ignored their ruling even with a president saying to the court “you made your ruling now enforce it”!
We claim a religion born in the ancient Middle East as our unofficial religion but we worship the Golden Calf that is the opposite of that religion and practice. We worship profit and money and we consider the poor and the sick and the elderly as liabilities that sin against that worship.
So I for one who has to work on this Fourth of July do not observe this empty holiday that is celebrated by sales and gimmicks that is the real reason for the season!


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