a primer

OK a primer for religious folkes masquerading as “patriotic'”, “Christian” Americans. When your ancestors that you are so proud to be descendants of came to these shores and after they stole the land form the Native Peoples in the name of their “Christianity” they passed laws that made religious conformity the law of their colony and anyone disagreeing with them faced the death penalty for doing so. They,like you, claimed “religious freedom” and also like you they claimed it only for themselves. To illustrate just how serious they were about this they even hanged a dog on suspicion of being a Quaker! In other colonies your ancestors made the Anglican Church the mandatory church and if they did not also force you to attend said church they did make you pay taxes to support it just like you do when you support churches, your kind that is, not paying taxes to state and federal governments.
A few hundred years later your ancestors divided Alaska into mostly Protestant sectors where missionaries could force Native People to be members of their churches and if they insisted as in fact some did that they were indeed Christians of the Orthodox faith your ancestors burned their icons and totem poles! Your ancestors chained Native children to beds and desks at their schools and flogged them if they spoke the language of their people.
Your ancestors supported equating people from Africa as property and even debated whether “god” extended his welcome in heaven to them!!! They considered Asians and Latinos as servants for “the white man’s burden”.
SO for hundred’s of years your ancestors and people like yourselves have shoved your brand of a false religion down the throats of others just like the jihadist have and do now and the only thing that is stopping you is the Constitution which you claim to hold dear, but make a mockery of by your racism and bigotry. So to borrow one of your most cherished ideas “America love its Constitution and honour its laws and courts or leave it” The Rev Andrew Gentry


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