making liberals uncomfortable

As a liberal and proud socialist let me say a few words that my leftist friends will not like let alone agree with but so be it. Islam is a real threat to representative democracy just as so called evangelical christianity is and there is little difference between the two. The major difference is unlike Islam that can quote many verses from their holy book evangelical christianity has no quotes from the Gospel to support their stupidity let alone their bigotry and it is the Gospel that trumps all other books of the Christian Bible.

Israel has every right to exist as a nation free from terror and invasion but Israel has every obligation to respect and honour the nation of Palestine and her people also equally free from terror and invasion!

Despite what the self styled “progressives” of deist Christianity desperately believe changing “the brand” to conform to marketing principles will not “save” Christianity. With sincere apologies to my Episcopal Church friends whose church has been following consultants and marketing principle for years and loosing members like passengers on a sinking ship the reality is that no one really gives a damn what the Episcopal Church or the ELCA or the UMC or The Presbyterian Church USA or the The United Church believes or teaches or preaches because they are impotent institutions floundering in the muck of corporate money and advertising. Neither do most people care what the Roman bishops or even the pope says after the cover up of the rape of children and the protection of those who did the raping.

The real reason that liberals are having a hard time winning local and state elections and even national ones is that liberals have been so bloody careful to be political correct and “reasonable” and apologetically ashamed of the title “liberal” they are considered losers by a majority of Americans who vote! President FDR welcomed the hate of the Republicans and the KOCH Brothers of his day whilst Obama sought repeatedly to compromise with them. May be good “conscious raising” and “consensus governing” but very poor politics.


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