Wrapping paper

Someone asked me about beauty as in those who are good looking and how she looked for the inside. well anyone who says they do not appreciate a good looking dude even straight chaps do even if they do not admit it is either dead blind or a liar. HOWEVER good looking is not necessarily hot as in sexy but that is debate for another day. ULTIMATELY if the package is all you have no matter how pretty the wrapping like all cardboard it will eventually fade and disintegrate. None of us have a choice on what our wrapping paper looks like even though we can add pretty ribbons and take away overlapping ones but we do have a choice as to what is in the box. If we are just ego and brass cymbals then all we have or will ever have is contrived, rented, and a plastic one way mirror that will lie to us all the way to the grave as we approach that portal totally alone. Rev Andrew Gentry


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