religion = evil when

Any religion that preaches hate no matter in who’s divine name the preaching is done whether that be Mohammed or Jesus or Moses or Zoroaster or Buddha or Confucius or one’s great aunt Hattie is preaching and serving evil!
Anyone that believes in or practices death and violence in the name of a god or so called prophet is a servant of the devil.
Anyone who hates people and does grievous harm and injury to them especially in the name of their prophet or master or teacher or rabbi or messiah is the worst kind of infidel and serves the Kingdom of Darkness.
Anyone who stones people to death, beheads them, mutilates them, flogs them, throws them off high buildings, burns them to death, kills little children in the name of their god and that “god’s prophet” blows people up with bombs and takes delight in robbing human beings of life is married to the Devil.
Any religion that condemn people for loving each other is absolutely the work of the Devil!
This religion regardless of how many practitioners it has or how many swords they wave or how many times they quote their so called holy book this religion is evil pure and simple and must be eradicated from the earth if the planet is to survive! Rev Andrew Gentry


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