I am in many ways happy to be my age. If I live as long as me dad I have about 12 years to go and if I live to be me Mum’s age I have around 23 years to go. Like many of my generation the newest tech gadget does NOT impress me neither does the cult of celebrity which I find utterly stupid, silly, and of no use to humanity whatsoever!
I am far more cynical than hopeful for the future of the species and so perhaps rather selfishly I take comfort in my dotage for before the Great Apocalypse happens I will in all likelihood be ashes already. When you see little children being taught how to behead “infidels” in fact the very “infidels” that have fed and sheltered these children and their families ,cynicism is quite understandable and logical.
Yesterday I drove down the mountains to the town where I grew up and through a little hamlet called Alexander which was formerly known as Alexander Mills after the lone cotton/textile plant that was there. The “mills” notation has long been dropped and in fact the hamlet is now a part of my home town. When I turned off the interstate bypass I looked around and just wept. Almost all of what I knew as a child is either missing or in utter rack and ruin as my sweet Mum would say. Almost all of my childhood friends are either move away or deceased. My extended family have all passed away so I have no aunts or uncles, no grandparents, no parents, and even in my immediate family I have only one brother left since my fundamentalist sister has “disowned” me. I always visit my Momma’s gravesite when I go “home” and even now that is very difficult emotionally for me. I know my Mom is not there but “there” is a tangible and touchable place.
I don’t know if there was ever a place called Eden but I hope so, if for no other reason than to have a “place of blessed memory” where some day we may all return. Religion makes little sense especially those rampant with violence and oppression like Islam and philosophy leaves as much hollowness as mathematics. Faith is hope and the relationship of reality to it but it is not empiricism which ultimately is not empirical either. I don’t know about theology but I do believe this, when it comes to a choice about life and relationship between what is past and now and to come, I choose Jesus Christ as the way and the truth. Even if Jesus was to have been mistaken,living life as he lived and taught us to live is preferable to not living life his way. Jesus is not a religion or a noun. Jesus is journey and sometimes a very uncomfortable companionship. But heh who said being loved or loving was a piece of cake!


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