old Rutherford County Sabbath

An Old Rutherford County Sabbath

An Old Rutherford County Sabbath.

When I was a wee lad in the 1950s Sunday was THE Sabbath Day in my home town and it was a a quiet day. No one worked not even the cotton mills ran except for the third shift which usually began at mid night. Forest City was the same as the episode of Andy Griffith Show in which the rich man’s car broke down and he walked on a Sunday morning into a totally deserted Mayberry save for people on the steps of the church. No pharmacy, no diner, no retail store no nothing was open for business not only because of the “Blue Laws” that did not allow for Sunday business but because it was just not done! No one dared cut his grass, plough or plant, weave or work save for the strange folkes called “Adventists” who every one knew were a bit peculiar. We had no Jewish folkes so the strange bunch called the Adventists were the only ones who called Friday, Sabbath and everyone knew if you read your King James Bible that is that Sunday was the Lord’s Day and therefore the Sabbath! Made no difference that in the 10 Commandments Friday was the day they were talking about because Jesus had not been born to change it!
The only other kind of strange sect was the Roman Catholics who were all Yankees and who spoke in a foreign tongue when they worshipped. Wasn’t like the Church of God people or the Holy Rollers who spoke in tongues it was only one tongue and it was the one used by the priests to keep the regular folkes from reading the Bible. They believed in Jesus but they worshipped Mary or at least that was what every one believed.
If you needed anything for Sunday be it food or petrol or any other supply item you had best purchase it on Saturday. For older persons even the food you ate was prepared on Saturday. But then things began to change.
Suddenly the disciples of the Golden Calf saw a chance to make a buck or two by slowly changing the law so that only the hours leading up to 12 noon were sabbath and therefore sacred. But the change had to be make slowly and carefully. Then they had an ah ha moment. What if they started off with house trailer sales beginning at around 1 o clock in the afternoon and what if they hired a local Gospel Quartet to sing whilst people were looking at the trailers. Even better what if they had a local celeb called “Uncle Bud” who along with his business partner “Uncle Hoyle” who owned a “Christian” radio station was to MC the sales event! This they did and before you knew it folkes needed petrol and food since they did not have time to fill up and eat between church and the sales event and then the whole deck of cards fell and Sunday became just another day to offer worship to the Great God of America, MONEY! and so it is today.


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